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When a Wikipedia article is large, it is often written in summary style. This template is used after the heading of the summary, to link to the subtopic article that has been summarized. For Category namespace, please use {} instead. Use of this template should be . Oct 13,  · This template shows a right-floating sister-project box with a link to a Wikipedia page. The template should be placed inside the section it refers to, immediately after the header. In the default case (a reference to the English Wikipedia) that is immediately following the ==English== header. Usage To use this template, add {{subst:First article}} to the user's talk page.. Please refer to the index of test templates before using any template on user talk pages to warn a user. Applying the best template available for your purpose may help reduce confusion from the message you are sending.

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A template is a Wikipedia page created to be included in other pages. Templates usually contain repetitive material that might need to show up on any number of articles or pages. They are wikipedia article template used for boilerplate messages, standard warnings or notices, wikipedia article template, infoboxesnavigational boxesand similar purposes.

Another method is substitutionwhere the content of the template is copied into the wikitext of wikipedia article template target page, wikipedia article template, just once, when it is saved. Help:A quick guide to templates gives a brief introduction to the subject. It is possible, however, to transclude and substitute from any namespace, [a] and so some template pages are placed in other namespaces, such as the User namespace.

Template pages have associated talk pages. Templates can contain any desired wikitextincluding calls to other templates, wikipedia article template. They have some limited programming capacities: customizable values called parameters ; calculation and branchings using parser functions ; and access to wiki-specific variables magic wordssuch as dates, times, and page names. They may also contain tags which define which parts of the wikitext are to be included when the template is transcluded or substituted.

This means that the appearance of the template page itself need not be the same as that of the transcluded content for example, it can contain documentation, categories, etc.

The first letter may be indifferently lower- or upper-case. The prefix Template: before the template name is the default one and need not be included. However, for templates stored in other namespaces, the prefix, such as User:must be specified, wikipedia article template.

Note: Attempting to transclude a template that does not exist produces a red linkjust like linking to any other nonexistent page. Following the link allows one to create that particular template. It is not possible to transclude pages between projects such as different-language Wikipedias or MediaWiki —to use a template on another language project, a copy of the template must be created in that project. The basic transclusion syntax given above can be extended by the addition of parameterswhich are used to control the template's output.

The first, second, third, etc, wikipedia article template. This does not apply to unnamed parameters, where all whitespace characters are preserved. Which parameters if any can or should be passed to a template and how they are to be named depends on the coding of that template. Named parameters can be defined in any order. Superfluous or misnamed parameters will be ignored; undefined parameters will be assigned default values. If a parameter is defined more than once, the last value takes effect.

The value of a parameter can be the empty string, such as wikipedia article template the pipe or equals sign is followed immediately by the next pipe or wikipedia article template closing braces.

This is different from omitting the parameter altogether, which leaves it undefined, although templates are often coded so as to behave the same in both cases. Parameters can be specified and will do nothing even if not represented in the template's code. If you update such a template to include a new parameter, its call to the module must also be updated to include the new parameter. Calling a template is not unlike calling a variable or a function in a programming language: call it with wikipedia article template reference and it returns a value the output.

Like functions, some templates accept parameters that change the output. This is because those are reserved for wiki markup and HTML. The number sign is called a fragment wikipedia article template because it denotes a fragment or section of a document such as a section in a Wikipedia article. Although it can be used to link to a section of a template page like Template:Portal Examplethere is no reason to put a fragment identifier or fragment name in a template reference.

When wikipedia article template template is substituted, its content is hard-coded in the page rather than transcluded. To learn how and when to substitute a template, wikipedia article template Help:Substitution. Note: If you wish to experiment with any wikipedia article template these, please use either the template sandboxor your user page or sandbox. Click on Template:Lambdawikipedia article template, then click on the "Edit source" tab to see the template code its wikitext.

To transclude Template:Lambda onto another page i. You can use templates without knowing the details of their code; you only need to remember what result they produce, which is usually wikipedia article template on the template page.

Another way to use this template is to substitute it. Wikipedia article template you look again at the saved wikitext, [d] however, you will see that the template calls really were replaced by the expansion of the template when you saved the page. The link between the output text and the template is now broken, and the output will not be affected by future changes to the template as it would be in the case of transclusion.

Note the usage of an empty parameter—in this instance, the consecutive pipes mean that the first parameter that was "passed" to the template is an empty string, wikipedia article template, which in this template will cause it wikipedia article template omit the initial "about" sentence.

Wikipedia article template produces:. Other templates, particularly more complex ones, take named parameters or a mixture of named and unnamed ones. A simple example is Template:Payoff matrixused to generate a 2-by-2 grid. For example:. See the template page for more possibilities. Notice that the template is used here without defining all its possible parameters—undefined parameters are given default values. The spaces around the equal signs and before and after the parameters are used only for clarity—they are not needed and are ignored when the template is evaluated although this is not the case with unnamed parameters.

Parameter names are fully case-sensitive, though; for example, it is not possible to replace DR with dr or dR in the above example. Parameters with names that are not used by the template are simply ignored.

Examining the source code of the template shows the standard table mark up with some extra triple bracket entities representing wikipedia article template parameters:. Templates are created and edited in much the same way as any other page: choose an appropriate name, navigate to that page, wikipedia article template, then click the "Edit" tab or create a new page as needed.

As mentioned above, templates are normally placed in the Template namespacethough templates intended for your own personal use or for experimentation can be created in your own user space. Anything that can be included on a normal page or article can be included on a template, including other templates called subtemplates. Templates often make use of programming features—parameters, parser functions, and other magic words —which allow the transcluded content to vary depending on context.

There are also special tags to control which information is transcluded and which is not. Before creating a template, do a quick search for existing templates such as by exploring Category:Wikipedia templates to see if there is already a template that does what you want or a similar template whose code can be wikipedia article template and modified or left in place and expanded. Look for generic templates on which the new template can be based; for example, navbox templates can be easily created by calling the generic Template:Navbox.

There is no hard rule about what name to choose for a template—make it short but reasonably descriptive. If similar templates exist, try to follow a consistent naming pattern. Templates can be renamed without breaking existing transclusions, wikipedia article template, provided a redirect to the new template name is left behind, wikipedia article template. Be extremely careful when editing existing templates—changes made can affect a large number of pages, often in ways you might not expect.

For this reason many high-use templates are protected against editing except by administrators and template editors ; other editors can propose changes on the talk page. Some templates offer a sandbox and test cases for experimentation. To propose the deletion or merger of unused or inappropriate templates or templates that can easily be merged, wikipedia article template, go to Templates for discussion TfD. The values of the parameters which can be fed to a template are represented in the template code by items enclosed between triple braces:.

A more intuitive behaviour can be achieved by specifying default parameter values. Note the default text must be real text: that you cannot assign another parameter as the default, wikipedia article template.

It will simply return the name of the parameter as text. Because of the multiple uses of double-brace and triple-brace syntax, expressions can sometimes be ambiguous. It may be helpful or necessary to include spaces to resolve such ambiguity, wikipedia article template. However, watch out for unwanted whitespace appearing in template expansions. They aren't expanded either if placed within the actual XML -style opening tag, wikipedia article template.

Thus, the following will not work within a template:. Therefore, the following example will work:. If a parameter's value is or ends with a URLcheck whether it is displayed in Wikipedia with the link overextending by one or more characters after the URL so that clicking the link causes an error or failure.

Ensure that, after processing by the software, a soft space not a hard or non-breaking space follows the URL, regardless of whether you or a user supplied the URL or whether it was generated by automated processing.

Possibly, the source code could contain or generate a space that is discarded in the processing or there might not be any space there. Correct the source code, perhaps by forcing a soft space to appear after the URL. Template code often wikipedia article template use of the variables and parser functions described at Help:Magic words in order to make the template's behaviour depend on the environment such as the current time or namespace or on the parameter values that are passed to it.

They can also be used for arithmetical calculations, but certain standard programming features such as loops and variable assignment are not available. Full string manipulation is also not wikipedia article template some templates providing such functionality have been created, but they are inefficient and imperfect.

Some of the most frequently used variables and functions are listed below. For example, if the template transcludes a category link e. Templates may contain other templates—this is usually called nesting. As the template is processed, the wikitext produced by any nested templates is transcluded into the nesting template, so that the final product is essentially processed from the most deeply nested template out, wikipedia article template.

While fairly straightforward in application, it involves some noteworthy quirks and tricks. To pass a parameter value to a nested template, place a parameter tag as the value of one of the nested template's parameters. If the nested template is substituted, however, the substitution is processed first, and this will change how braces are wikipedia article template in the nesting template.

This has little practical use, but can occasionally introduce unexpected errors. See meta:Help:Advanced templates and meta:Help:Recursive conversion of wikitext for more information. By default, when a template is transcluded or substitutedthe entire wikitext code of the template page gets included in that of the target page. However, it is possible to modify that behaviour, using tags that specify which parts of the template code are to be included.

This makes wikipedia article template possible to avoid transcluding information intended for display only on the template page itself, such as the template's documentation, categoriesand interwiki links. It is also possible to have parts of the code be transcluded, but not be processed on the template page itself e.

The tags are as follows:. Perhaps the most common issue with the use of these blocks is unwanted spaces or lines.


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When a Wikipedia article is large, it is often written in summary style. This template is used after the heading of the summary, to link to the subtopic article that has been summarized. For Category namespace, please use {} instead. Use of this template should be . Stubs do not fully describe the subject of the article. Make a "This is a stub" message by adding {} (see Wikipedia:Template messages for more). This will tell people who read the article that more work needs to be done. Some people watch the New Changes page, but adding the message will tell more people. Write in Simple English. Usage To use this template, add {{subst:First article}} to the user's talk page.. Please refer to the index of test templates before using any template on user talk pages to warn a user. Applying the best template available for your purpose may help reduce confusion from the message you are sending.